Patricia MacKinnon-Day

Where the Lakes meet the Sea (work in progress . Exhibition dates – Art Gene, Barrow, October – December 2021) 2021 - 2021

Where the Lakes meet the Sea (2021) is new work and a follow-up from The Calling Sheds (2019) Tate Liverpool, aiming to promote empowerment through an ongoing dialogue evolving the historical artist-to-subject relationship. This exhibition focuses on the work of the English shepherd, Lisa giving her a platform to tell her story but also referencing the industrial Barrow and deep lineage of contributions made by women to the agricultural industry.


I plan to film over a period of five days the following:

  • A small number of sheep being herded through the streets of Barrow. IĀ found an image of sheep being herded down Hawcoat Lane, Barrow in 1913 (see attached) and would like to re-enact this route in June 2021.


  • sheep being herded on Walney island showing the shipyards as a backdrop.


  • Photograph stained glass windows around Barrow, referencing Barrow’s monastic influence .

There are a few stained glass windows with female saints holding sheep, or lambs